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Moments in Time Lifestyle Photography


At Moments in Time Lifestyle Photography, we believe photographs and history of special moments in life with attention to detail should tell a story that endures for a lifetime and generations to come. Preserving those memories for now and into the future presents a unique challenge to overcome technical evolution and enable the memories to live. Digital images have given us the opportunity to capture just about any thing, any where, any time. Now what do you do with those thousands of digital files sitting on your computer or somewhere in a cloud? Twenty years from now when technology has leapt beyond the initial capture, where can your loved ones find those special images that you worked so hard to reach out and save? What do they represent, and how did you feel when you captured the images?  A book could be the answer!  The written page will always endure, and the only special equipment one requires to "see" those memories are our eyes, and the ability to read a story, or better yet, read it to someone else. I developed my idea of the photo essay; these short vignettes with a story in mind illustrate how you can tell your story.  Now it's time for you to create your lifetime story.






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