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Scenic Highway 30-A

Walton County, Florida

Scenic Highways of Florida. In a state with so many beautiful highways and byways, County Road (CR) 30A in South Walton County is considered one of the most inviting and beautiful. CR 30A is a 28.5 mile 2-lane controlled speed road that hugs the Gulf of Mexico coastline in Northwest Florida’s Walton County. Sugar-white sand beaches and some very rare coastal dune lakes make CR 30A a unique stretch of road that supports an eclectic mix of colors and pastels, and varied architecture. It's a tourist attraction of major proportions. In addition to multi-family homes and vacation properties, the area sports miles of greenway trails connecting state parks and preserves. Let's cross our fingers that it stays that way. CR 30A was my home for more than 20 years and it holds a special place in my heart and history.




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