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See Tuscany in a New Light - October 7-14, 2017

My base of operation was an elegant medieval castle setting in the Val d'Orcia, the valley of the Orcia river which flows through this national treasure in Italy.  I wanted to experience the trip by connecting to its history, people and culture.  By choosing to share the farmhouse and surroundings with the Grappi family, I gained insight into the lives of the community through how they work, play and live. Part of my photographic journey has been to record those features of everyday life in the photos that I capture and that is what I hoped to impart to those who travel with me.  We chose to spend our time in the small, out of the way communities, where we could immerse ourselves in the lives of those who live there. 

The magnificent natural scenery of the Val d'Orcia that extends through the Tuscan hills was entered onto the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2004. Castiglione d'Orcia, Montalcino, Pienza, Radicofani and San Quirico d'Orcia are the five splendid communes that have chosen to attach to the Park of Val d’Orcia, protecting the environment and the territory, and promoting the Val d’Orcia. This visit included Pienza, Montalcino, San Quirico, Monticchiello, Bagno Vignoni, Montepulciano, Chianciano, and Castelnuovo del'Abate, as well as some "unnamed" rural areas in between.




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