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Once I had an idea that I wanted to create a book about some of the artists along CR 30A where I lived in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. One of them, the daughter of a good friend of mine, Ali Wickey, agreed I could use her as my first subject. She allowed me into her studio to photograph her at work, and to document her methods and objectives in doing her art, then she sat for a great interview about where she began her art interests and her dreams for the future. This collection is all about that experience. Unfortunately, I was never able to complete the project due to some obstacles which I could not overcome at the time, and since then, I've noticed that others have taken on the project with a similar idea. My original plan was to highlight all the “artists of the year” for a period of some 15 years, ambitious at best, impossible at worst. However, I still have the story of Ali and I'll have it forever. Perhaps I'll make a book for her and surprise her with it at some point in time. In the meantime, I have it for myself.




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